Words of Encouragement for a Christian Friend

words of cheer up, bible verses for friend, family. Nice christian quotes to share with son, daughter, friend.
Today I want to greet with this beautiful
special Christian message for you:
Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid or discouraged
because God is with you wherever you go.

Be strong, get that strength in God,
on his breath and praying,
believing that nothing is impossible for Him
when you're by his side
You can win in any situation
no matter how difficult it could be.

Be brave, get armed nothing stops value,
which is free of fear and confusion
because God clarifies all thought, all feeling
and puts in you firmness and determination.

God will never leave you alone in this daily walk,
He helps you so you can go ahead confidently,
the race is long but will give strength
as he goes you will overcome whatever you face.