I have life, family, good friends, Thank you, God. Free Christian image quotes

Thank you, God. I have a good life,
I have family nearby and some others distant,
I love everyone in a special way.
and hope they do well wherever they are.

I have a few friends who love me and who I love too,
It’s good to  be part of their lives through my actions,
my timeshare and my words of encouragement.
For this and more today I give thanks to God.

Without God is not possible to have a good life, family or friends
won't be any love, harmony and peace.
Without God there is no true happiness.
You too, give thanks to God for how much 
or how little you have, for his blessings.

free christian quotes thanks to God, free image
Thank you, God quotes, christian image, free card by Mery Bracho