Thank you God for taking care of me and my family

Thank you God for taking care of me 
and my family,
for providing all we need.
We praise you for your love is great,
you are our faithful and wonderful God.

Every single day you fill us with your goodness,
you fill our life and give answers to our problems,
you were  the same yesterday
and will be the same tomorrow.

Thank you God for the health of our bodies
because you have heal all our diseases,
You who made us and knows us,
you touch us with  your mighty hand and take away the pain.

Thank You God for blessing us
and teach us to trust you, to trust your Holy Word,
no doubt about it  and do what you have planned for us
because the best is to do your will. Amen.

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Short prayer thank you God for taking care of me and family, free christian image quotes, prayer, nice christian words and image by Mery Bracho.