Giving thanks to God for this day. Morning Prayer

You start a new day, may your lips always have phrases of gratitude to God for waking you up every day, ask him to help you today. Say this prayer of thanksgiving with faith and joy.

Giving thanks to God for this day. Morning Prayer
Heavenly Father,
thank you for giving me this new day,
thanks also for my good health,
I have the vitality
to walk this day
with enthusiasm and joy.

On this day I want to thank you
for what you have provided,
you have given me what I needed
and every day I can see your goodness.
Thank you for family and friends,
for their encouragement and love.

Lord, I need you,
every day I need your strength,
your wisdom in making decisions,
your peace in my heart,
your guidance and correction
to follow the path
and if I ever fail you
help me to return to the good one
with your hand bringing me back
to the right path.
I thank you that I can count on you, God.

Lord, I am confident that being with you
everything is possible,
everything that is in your will.
You are good and faithful,
your gifts are perfect
and your wisdom is the best.
Thank you for all your power and goodness.

My God,
today I put myself in your hands,
thy will be done,
fill me with courage and joy
to experience all
that you have prepared for me.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
Mery Bracho

Christian short prayer for this morning, new day prayer, thanksgiving prayer by Mery Bracho.