Happy Thanksgiving with christian quote. God is so good.

Happy Thanksgiving with christian quotes. God is so good.
Happy Thanksgiving.
God is good,
his mercy and kindness
endures forever,

He blesses us with his peace,
He protects us and gives us security.

I thank God for you,
for you being a so special person,
thank you also
for being as you are,
Let’s have a beautiful day of thanks,
it’is always nice to share
and feel well with others.

On this Thanksgiving Day
I think of those people
so important in my life
that are with me
in good and bad times,
I thank them deeply,
they are unique and special.

Short Thanksgiving Prayer
God, thank you for giving me life,
for giving me your blessing,
for taking care of my family and
for being with us every day,
you bless us and give us joy. Amen.

let us enjoy this day
that God did to rejoice,
to delighting in him.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Mery Bacho

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