Good Morning Christian Quotes with blessings

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These christian messages of blessings and good morning will be great for sending to a friend to wish him or her a good day.

Good Morning Christian Quotes with blessings

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#1. Good Morning, enjoy your life with Jesus in your heart, receive his wonderful love and give your love to others.

#2. This world is willing to receive your kindness and your different way of living.

#3. Good Morning, give thanks to the Lord for his blessings, you have new ones each morning. May you have a good day with the joy of the Lord, your strength.

#4. How good it is to know that God will be with you all day. Even if you feel distant, God rejoices with you. Therefore, today is going to be a good day for you, go out with confidence and may you strive with courage today.

#5. Thank God for this new day. We have his blessings, we can enjoy a sun that as it rises it gets brighter. It reminds us that we have hope, God's love covers us like sunlight. We will shine with that light and rejoice in our work because God will be with us giving us strength and grace to do all things.

#6.  It is important to pray and entrust all your plans to the Lord. May your effort be successful. Have a good morning with enthusiasm and end it with thanksgiving. God's love will keep you blessed during the day. May you have blessings and may you be successful.

#7. May this morning give you the opportunity to bless someone with your smile, with your words of encouragement and blessings. Have a very good morning and a nice day.

#8. Lord, I trust you, this new day will be a blessed day. Your presence fills my life and gives me strength to face everything in Christ who strengthens me. Have a  peaceful day.

#9. I hope that today you will be very blessed with wisdom to do all things. May you have enough time for what you planned to do. 

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During your day remember that God loves you and also wants to help you in whatever you need. May you love the Lord with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your soul and with all your mind. Good morning!.

10. Today is a new day, from sunrise to sunset we will give thanks to God. May you have a day with the assurance of God's protection and peace while you work on your things. Blessed day.

#11. Today is a new day in which God will show you his love and grace. May you experience his help as you go on your way. May you share God's blessings with others. Have a very good day.

#12. God is always faithful, tomorrow he will be faithful too. When you wake up he is already with you. You can be sure that nothing will keep you from God's love. Look to the future with hope, give glory to God as you follow the path He has given you. Every biblical promise is to give you strength and blessings. Have a good day.

#13.  God gives us a new day to trust Him to depend on His mercies that are new every morning. Good morning.

#14. Thanks be to God who took care of you from all danger during the night. He took care of your mind, body and spirit. Today you are ready to move forward with His blessings. Rejoice in God and in his love. Have a beautiful morning and a good day.

#15 We can have peace of mind because we believe in the truth that the Lord is our light and our salvation, that He is the strength of our lives. Spend the day trusting in God. Have a blessed day.

#16. When you have hope in the Lord you will never be disappointed. The Lord will be your light and your salvation wherever you go, no matter what situation you have to face. Have a great day with God's blessings.

#17. May you have a good day with joy, laying every concern at His feet. The Lord will take care of you as He takes care of the birds, as He cares for the flowers of the field. His love grows and grows, he will always take care of you.

#18.  Good morning! Leave your worries of yesterday behind. Today is a new day to praise the Lord. Do not worry about anything, but at all times put everything in God's hands, tell Him what you need through prayer and remember to thank Him.

Good morning quotes, free christian quotes with nice image to share by facebook, twitter.