Happy Thanksgiving 2024. New Quotes and Images

Happy Thanksgiving Day, christian images and phrases, thanksgiving quotes by Mery Bracho. November  2017.

Happy Thanksgiving  2024.
New Quotes and Images.
On this Thanksgiving Day
start giving thanks to God
for giving us life,
for being our good Father in heaven
that is willing to help his children
who love him deeply,
that honor him and praise him.

Thanks be to God
for giving us the family,
each one is special
in the way of love
and in their way of life.

Today I thank God
for the food that blesses us,
for those tasty dishes
that make us smile,
for the food of the day-to-day,
as our provider.

Let us give thanks to God
for helping us
his hand of goodness
help us and with his Word
encourages us to be happy
and live the abundant life
He desires for us.
Mery Bracho

Happy Thanksgiving Day, christian images and phrases, thanksgiving quotes by Mery Bracho. November  2017.

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a day of joy, good food, of celebrating together with family and friends. Let's be thankful to God who gave us life and let's also thank our friends and family for all the appreciation and care.

Let it not be just Thanksgiving today but let us allow every day to come from our hearts, as a family, a sincere thankfulness for what God does for us daily. 

The best thing is that we have confidence in him that he will continue to be with us with his protection and blessings.
Happy thanksgiving day

Thoughts, Phrases, Short Thanksgiving Prayer to God and family.

Thank you God for every day that we can wake up and enjoy that we are alive, when we can breathe, move and speak. Thank you for the joy of living and being with family.

Today you have given me 86400 new seconds, I want to take some of them to thank you Lord for what you have given me. Thank you for blessing us today too.

Thanksgiving phrases

Today we can gather to eat together as a Family, we also celebrate with friends and pray to God saying that He has been good. God has given us life, gives us joy, and strength to work and be happy.

May we recognize today with great gratitude that God gives us all things. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Our Thanksgiving is because today we can be united in the same purpose and with joy in our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving.

The miracle of life is done by God, who showers us with his rich blessings. Thanks be to God for His goodness and for His faithfulness. Thanks be to Him for family, love, and sharing that is a catalyst for our sorrows, strengthens us to see each other, and encourages us to enjoy a good Thanksgiving dinner together.

On this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, we thank God with all our hearts for giving us a family where we feel loved and with whom we will enjoy this delicious dinner. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

We will always remember to thank God for loving us and we will express our gratitude to all those who have blessed us in some way. Thank you, friends, thank you, family, thank you, God.

Happy Thanksgiving Day. We have received so much from God that we thank Him for His many kindnesses.

Let us never forget that love is what unites us as brothers and sisters. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I am immensely grateful to have each one of you in my heart, I am so happy to know that you are special, and that I will always have your support, your sharing and your sweet smiles. Happy Thanksgiving.

You have made my garden bloom, you always water it with your much-appreciated messages, your gestures of love, and your unconditional support. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

There are so many benefits we receive from God that we will be eternally grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Let's pray this Thanksgiving prayer when we are at Thanksgiving dinner while we are there all together sharing the delicacies, maybe a good turkey, some exquisite desserts, or other special dishes for this day.

Family moments are unforgettable, they bring us closer to each other to continue sharing God's goodness.

Short Thanksgiving Prayer to say at the Thanksgiving Family Dinner.

Lord, we thank you for this special day for the family, thank you for your great love, for the good path you have given us in which you give us protection and direction.

Lord, thank you for taking care of us day and night, you protect us with your angels and deliver us from danger.

Lord, great is your love, thank you for putting love among the members of this family, thank you for the willingness to forgive and that love is always high.

Lord, you are good, faithful, and powerful, thank you for giving us the energy to live, joy and blessings.

On this day we want to express that we are pleased to have you as our God and heavenly Father who provides everything and who promises to help us always.

Lord, make us one in love, respect, and honor. We ask this with all our hearts. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.
Mery Bracho

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Happy Thanksgiving Day, christian images and phrases, thanksgiving quotes by Mery Bracho. November  2024.