Happy Easter Christian Images and Quotes 2020

Happy Easter Christian Images and Quotes 2020

Bible Verses about Jesus. Easter Quotes.

Easter is our greatest celebration as christians.
Easter is  the day that our God
rose from the dead.
And He’s still alive today!
Celebrate with Jesus in your heart,
Happy Easter.  
These images with christian quotes
share with you Jesus’ resurrection phrases.
Jesus is alive.

Happy Easter Images. –
Easter Day is known as the religious feast
in the Christian calendar year.
The day is celebrated in different
countries to commemorate Jesus resurrection.
It is the most significant festive day
of Christians which is going
to be celebrated on Sunday,
21st of April this year.
We want to share with you
some of our Easter images.

We were healed because of Jesus Pain.
He is our reason to celebrate today
because He healed us.

But he was being punished
for what we did. He was crushed
because of our guilt.
He took the punishment we deserved,
and this brought us peace.

We were healed because of his pain.
We had all wandered away like sheep.
We had gone our own way.
And yet the Lord put all our guilt on him.  Isaiah 53:5-6

Easter Bible Verses on the Resurrection
Jesus said to them, “It is written
that the Messiah would be killed
and rise from death on the third day.

You saw these things happen—
you are witnesses.
You must go and tell people
that they must change and turn to God,
which will bring them his forgiveness.
You must start from Jerusalem and tell
this message in my name
to the people of all nations.

I gave you the message that I received.
I told you the most important truths:
that Christ died for our sins,
as the Scriptures say;
that he was buried and was raised to life
on the third day,
as the Scriptures say;
and that he appeared to Peter
and then to the twelve apostles.
Christ was raised from death.
And we know that he cannot die again.
Death has no power over him now.

He is risen.  Death could not hold Him. 
Rejoice in Jesus resurrection.



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