Happy Mother's Day Wishes 2020

Nice greetings to our Mother, phrases that bless her and will express the best wishes

Greetings, Christian phrases , dedications, image for Mother's Day

Mom, you have been a woman with
a light that everybody can see,
you are a great woman.
Happy Mother's Day.

You are very valuable,
always looking for the well-being of everyone
in your family.
Today I congratulate you
and ask God to help you
in everything that your heart desire,
I pray God bless you
and give you strength
to help your children
with your wises words.
Happy Mother's Day.

You are worth more
than rubies, Mom.
God bless you,
May He take care of you and
protect you from all evil.

May you have a long life
and may the Lord
grant all the desires of your heart.
Happy Mother's day.

Mom, you are my great blessing,
you are a joy to my days
and who helps me always.
I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day.

Mery Bracho

christian mothers phrases, wishes, happy Mother's day.