Happy Thanksgiving 2024, Christian images. Thanksgiving quotes: Short Poems & wishes

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Thanksgiving 2024 quotes: Short Poems for Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving 2024!

I Thank God for every single day He gives me,
I can see his faithfulness and kindness,
I want to give him  the best, love him better,
serve Him better and worship Him better.
God is faithful.

May you enjoy this Thanksgiving Day
sharing with family and friends
the good and great things
God has made for you,
all his blessings and care.
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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Thanksgiving 2023 quotes: Short Poems for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States on November 26, 2020. This is a date where families gather and celebrate together with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Friends also share and give thanks together for what God has given them.

Read these short poems and share them with your family and others you love. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving evening.


Today we share together
this Thanksgiving dinner,
God has been good to this family.

That's why we thank him
for all his blessings,
for giving us his wonderful love
and for filling us with his favor.

Let's thank God for peace
that even though we've been
through difficult times
He's kept us in his peace.
We are grateful for this.

God is great, we praise Him
for his marvelous works,
for giving us all things,
we appreciate his care,
We adore Him, He has loved us,
in every hard moment, He will help us,
with his goodness, He will bless us.

Happy Thanksgiving
for everyone.


Happy Thanksgiving day,
we love Jesus our King,
we thank Him for being 
our good friend,
for carrying our burdens
and for giving us peace.

Happy Thanksgiving, 
we breathe, we live, 
we work, we love, 
we feel, we share,
we have many reasons
to be thankful for.
Let's be grateful for 
what we have,
God has been so good to us.
Mery Bracho


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THANKSGIVING for my Friends

Today I want to thank you, 
my dear friends,
you have been so special to me,
you have been light on my path,
thank you for taking the time,
for your right and lovely words and 
for taking even your money
to share beautiful moments together.
Thank you, Friends, I love you very much.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Not everyone has good friends.
You're such a blessing.
You are so dear to me, 
I thank God for having you in my life,
you mean a world to me.
Happy thanksgiving!


How beautiful Thanksgiving is,
but more beautiful is our God
who gives us everything,
we thank God for all his blessings,
He has been heaven and earth creator,
He makes the plants to grow
so we have food. 

We thank God because 
we can enjoy his creation,
we can enjoy the rain, the sun, 
the moonlight and 
everything He has done. 

We thank God
for my family's health 
and for healing us when we get sick.
Thank you to each one of you
for your contribution 
to the welfare of this family,
we are a team and help each other.  
Family, Happy Thanksgiving. 



God is good, he is faithful, 
he is the one who provides everything.
We thank Him for our daily bread,
for peace, love, and joy.