Nice Christian Thanksgiving Quotes for friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving Day


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That it is so good to share lovely Thanksgiving quotes with your family, it is an excellent way to be all in a similar soul of appreciation in this special time. 

Thanksgiving is a day to express what gratitude means to us, particularly it is a day to express gratefulness to God  and appreciate the benefits and  blessings with our family and friends. 

These lovely Thanksgiving quotes will help us say beautiful quotes that our loved ones will keep in their thoughts for a long time.


It is good to enjoy a delicious meal, it is also good on Thanksgiving to send good wishes to friends and family, Look at these nice quotes of Happy Thanksgiving.

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Nice Christian Thanksgiving Quotes for friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving Day

I thank God for having you in my heart and being able to share with you. Thank you for your beautiful friendship. I really appreciate that we are friends. Really having you in the family is so important that I have no enough words to thank God for you. Thank you for all your love and union that you always show. Happy Thanksgiving. How grateful I am for everything that God has given me, especially for people as nice as you, to share and spend such a great and unique time. Happy Thanksgiving Day. People say that when you love everything you have, you realize that you have everything. I am grateful to have you. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my best friend. How lucky I am to have you as a friend, thank you for being just you. Thanks to God you're there to always give me a hand. I am very grateful for you, not only on Thanksgiving but every day that you show your kindness and special way of loving others. God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving Day. I will thank God for the little things received but also for how great it is to know you and be able to share with you. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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How I enjoy this day eating, I enjoy it a lot, but I love to share with those who fix the food. May there be a good Turkey and a delicious cake but may we also have fun together. Thank you for cooking so delicious and for letting me taste everything. Happy Thanksgiving Day. On Thanksgiving I don't want to miss any of the delicious meals you prepare but above all I don't want to miss that we eat together and share a beautiful evening. What will we eat on Thanksgiving? As long as the pumpkin pie is there, I'll be happy. Blessings to all on this special Thanksgiving day. Thank you, Dear God for the hands that prepare it. Thank you for your special cooking with such dedication and love. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you, Lord, for those who prepare the feast on Thanksgiving. Thanks for their lives, bless them for cooking my favorite dish. Happy Thanksgiving Day! How delicious is food at Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you for all those cakes, for the turkey, the veggies, the mashed potatoes. But what I enjoy the most is being with the people I love. Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Thank you, Lord, for giving us everything we need. We appreciate your kindness and mercy every day. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Every day we should give thanks because God is good and always He blesses us with everything we need. Let us express our gratitude for He is faithful and in His protection we are safe. Happy Thanksgiving. We thank God for all the wonderful things that we already have and for those that we will have in the future. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Praise the Lord. Thank Him because we are able to enjoy a good time and a good future is coming. Happy Thanksgiving Day. God has loved us with such a special love, we thank him this Thanksgiving. Those who are grateful are able to realize that this is part of their happiness. We are going to thank God for all his care and for taking good care of every detail of our lives. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Living the days with gratitude and generosity is the best decision. Thankfulness become a nice perfume for God. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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Greetings to all my friends, I wish you many blessings, I thank God for having you and for showing me your great love. I thank the Lord because throughout the year he has been good to you and has greatly blessed your lives. Happy Thanksgiving. God bless your life and your family on this Thanksgiving Day, He has given them protection, shelter, provision and even more than they have needed. How good it is that we can share as friends this beautiful day, I think it is more important than food to recognize and thank for your life and that of your family. Happy Thanksgiving, Friend. Every moment spent sharing with you is very valuable, I thank you and I also thank God for keeping us in this beautiful and blessed union. Happy Thanksgiving. I really appreciate how you are and I also thank you for all the moments we have shared together. May God bless you and may we always have time to continue spending moments together. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Dear friend, my greeting goes with thanks because God has been very special in keeping us in this friendship. I am very grateful to have you in my life. You are one of those few people who helps me realize how blessed I have been and that I must thank the Lord for his care, help and protection. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Thank God for the success you have had and for your future, which will also be successful with divine help and with your effort. Enjoy this Thanksgiving. Friend, greetings on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, may the future be full of many opportunities so that you have more reasons to thank God and the people who contribute to your growth and that of your family. There are plenty of reasons to be grateful but today I especially want to thank you for your life. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Kind regards on this Thanksgiving. I thank God that you are a very compassionate and loving person. Enjoy this day and may God bless you very much. I wish you the best. Happy Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful for my family, my friends, and for having God's protection every day. I also thank God for you and for your entire family. Happy Thanksgiving.


Greetings on this Thanksgiving Day. We thank God for all the peace and love with which he blesses us every day. Have a very happy Thanksgiving in the company of your loved ones. Good food, good company, and God's blessing is all we need this Thanksgiving. We thank God for all the blessings He has brought into our lives. Happy Thanksgiving Day! Friend, I appreciate your kindness and good service. God bless you on this day, grant you the desires of your heart. That you can enjoy with the family and that the food is a delicacy of kings that serves to unite hearts and maintain harmony. Happy Thanksgiving Day. All we have is thank God who provided it. We will be grateful for your blessings and your love for us. Friend, thank you for coming to share this important day. You are part of the family. My greatest gratitude is for you because you are a unique, special person who shows your love in a wonderful way. Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Thank you for being the best mom in the world, for all your love and care. God with total precision allowed me to be born of you because you are the mother just for me. Have a happy Thanksgiving. You're the best in the world. Thank you Mom for so much care and dedication each Thanksgiving. The food you prepare is unbeatable and very delicious. Thank God for that skill you have when cooking. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Beautiful mother, thank you for all your love. I thank God for the blessing of having you and seeing that you really enjoy Thanksgiving. A hug.


Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America is celebrated every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, North Americans gather as a family to share a very special dinner with different traditional dishes on the table and celebrate this beautiful Thanksgiving feast. Thank you, thanking God for your favor.


Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day has a reason to be, it is to thank for all the good things that have happened throughout the year, to thank God for his benevolence and goodness, for having work, health, love, peace, provisions and they also tend to thank each other.